Monthly Archives: January 2011

Promoting Justice and Protecting the Environment in Asia

Kala Mulqueeny is an energy and environment lawyer at the Asian Development Bank in the Philippines. Among other things, she works on environmental courts, sustainable electricity and water regulation, and carbon capture and storage regulation, and is active on these issues all over Asia.

Surprising But True, US Exports Are Growing

The US can do more to improve its trade outlook, trade analyst Edward Gresser notes. The US can finalize trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and Korea; settle differences holding up the World Trade Organization’s Doha Round; end the Cuban embargo. Industries and government can emphasize quality, streamline costs and prepare an educated workforce. Whining about China’s trade success is not part of the formula.

Online Technology Challenges Censors – Part II

This YaleGlobal series explores the challenges for authoritarian regimes in monitoring the internet’s new levels of information overload. In the second article of the series, author Bruce Judson describes how digital technology complicates the task for censors, with ebook readers that can store more than 1000 books.

Global “Chop Shops”: Slice, Dice and Outsource

Farok J. Contractor, professor of management and global business, analyzes trends underway in the once-sacrosanct R&D sections of the pharmaceutical industry. Reduced costs in genetic research directly correlate with increased investments in the rising imaging industry and molecular-level sensing equipment. Gains in efficiency and productivity, however, come with public opprobrium.