Monthly Archives: May 2022

Time with Orlando

Join us in some Time for the Soul as Yale University Chaplain Sharon Kugler and Dr. OrLando Yarborough III, pastor at the Black Church at Yale, discuss maintaining agility in expectations, finding creative paths to the extraordinary, practicing deep listening, grounding oneself with larger perspectives, and celebrating the powerful authenticity of students.

A conversation & time of reflection with Rabbi Angela Buchdahl

In the midst of ongoing tragedy in the US, Rabbi Angela Buchdahl joins for a timely conversation where we intentionally pause and reflect, but also support and encourage. As she powerfully states in this episode, we desperately need to hold on to hope, instead of giving in to despair. As the first female senior rabbi in the 180-year history of Central Synagogue in New York City, Rabbi Buchdahl also shares about her path as a trailblazing religious leader and her experience growing up as the daughter of a Korean Buddhist mother and Jewish American father. We also talk through the challenges and opportunities of community building, the importance of addressing racism within faith communities, and the necessity of advancing leadership opportunities for women. We also consider our experiences around the restorative discipline of cultivating rest, and we discuss ways we can walk in hope. A wonderful and encouraging conversation!

Rare Diseases: Interview with Carrie Flynn

In this episode, Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine Podcast hosts Emma and Elizabeth interview Carrie Flynn, a MD/PhD candidate in Yale’s Department of Microbial Pathogenesis, on her perspective on rare diseases both as a physician scientist studying rare amoeba born-diseases and as a rare disease patient.

Ep. 47 – Poet Aimee Nezhukumatathil on writing love letters to nature

Poet Aimee Nezhukumatathil’s exuberant book of essays, World of Wonders: In Praise of Fireflies, Whale Sharks, & Other Astonishments, has unlocked protective passion for nature among readers since its release in 2020. In the book’s thirty dazzling essays, Nezhukumatathil weaves love stories about being a daughter, a partner, a mother, and a teacher with reverence for a delightful catalogue of wild animals and plants and what they give us: their ability to expand our imaginations, to connect us with others, to unearth memories, to break habits of thinking, to teach us lessons, and to simply leave us awed that we co-exist with such wildly magical creatures as frogs and fireflies. In this episode, Nezhukumatathil reads from her collection, tells us about animals who have shaped her experiences and understanding of the world, and discusses the power of wonder and astonishment to expand our empathy.

Time with Vicki

Join us in some Time for the Soul as Yale University Chaplain Sharon Kugler and the Rev. Vicki Flippin, pastor at First & Summerfield United Methodist Church in New Haven, discuss the inspiration found in flowers and dogs, the pressures on our sense of self-worth, the weight of privilege, the search for personal wisdom, and the spark of inner potential.

11. What Have We Learned From Internal Carbon Pricing?

Yale, Microsoft, H&M, Mahindra, Smith College, and University College London share lessons from their experience putting prices on their own carbon emissions. Casey Pickett, host of Pricing Nature and Director of the Yale Carbon Charge, shares experiences from the last six years and makes a big announcement about the future of carbon pricing at Yale. And we hear advice about internal carbon pricing from Joanna Marshall-Cook (Head of Sustainability Programmes, University College London), Kim Hellstrom (Strategy Lead, Sustainability, H&M Group), Elizabeth Willmott (Carbon Program Director, Microsoft), Anirban Ghosh (Chief Sustainability Officer, Mahindra Group), and Alex Barron (Assistant Professor, Environmental Science and Policy, Smith College & Co-author, “Internal Carbon Pricing in Higher Education Toolkit”).

10. Tax Ourselves? Why Companies and Institutions Are Pricing Their Own Emissions

What is “internal” carbon pricing? And why are more and more private companies and institutions using the tool to reduce their emissions? We hear from Elizabeth Willmott (Microsoft, Carbon Program Director), Anirban Ghosh (Chief Sustainability Officer, Mahindra Group), Kim Hellstrom (Strategy Lead, Sustainability, H&M Group), Alex Barron (Assistant Professor, Environmental Science and Policy, Smith College & Co-author, “Internal Carbon Pricing in Higher Education Toolkit”), and Long Lam (Lead Author, CDP’s “How-To Guide to Corporate Internal Carbon Pricing”). Read more at

A Conversation on Diversity, Equity and Inclusionwith Enrico Manalo

On this episode of the Heartwood Podcast, Dr. Easley is joined by Enrico Manalo, Creator and Lead Host of Intentionally Act Live. The two discuss the issue identity in helping address Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within the workplace, our personal lives, and our relationship to the environment.