Monthly Archives: May 2023

Finding a place at Yale: Thokozile Changufu, Grace (Chikaodi) Dominic, Jeffrey (Ato) Blay

On this episode, Dr. Easley and Bennett Olupo are joined by Thoko, Grace, and Ato. The vivacious and keen trio are pursuing their masters at Yale School of the Environment. We discuss what it is like to be from The Continent and pursue an environmentally focused education and career. The episode has a special emphasis on forestry and urban planning.

How Christianity in Africa is changing global religion

Dr. Kyama Mugambi, Professor of World Christianity at Yale Divinity School, discusses how Christianity in Africa is impacting the global religious landscape, why Christianity in Africa is not a ‘colonizer’ religion, and what Christianity has in common with African Traditional Religions.

Finding Your Groove with stic from dead prez

On this episode, Dr. Easley and Bennett Olupo are joined by world-renowned rapper and author Khnum “Stic” Ibomu (One half of the Legendary Hip Hop Band, Dead Prez), who has developed a strong fan base thanks to wellness oriented and conscious lyrics. We discuss why the growth mentality present in fit-hop, the hip-hop subgenre he created, is so important in this day and age.

Across the Airwaves: Exploring Kurdish Identity Through Radio Broadcasting

Jon Bullock, a postdoctoral fellow at Yale’s Institute of Sacred Music, joins Ariana Hones (M.Div ’25) for a conversation on how radio is used as a tool for shaping Kurdish identity. Using the lens of ethnomusicology and the sacred, Jon discusses the impacts of colonialism and technologies of sound, such recording and broadcasting on Kurdish music.