Monthly Archives: March 2023

Clergy Wellbeing: Preventing Burnout and Promoting Self-Care

YDS faculty member and former Yale University chaplain Jerry Streets ’75 M.Div. discusses the results of his survey on clergy wellbeing, the importance of multi-faith ministry, and lessons learned from his long career as a pastor.

Black Bodies and Race in Art & Society with Imo Imeh and Daniel Swann

In this powerful episode, we consider personal and societal representations of Black bodies in art, academia and society. Our two guests, sociologist Dr. Daniel Swann and visual artist Dr. Imo Imeh, start with their revealing life journeys. Their stories tell a vivid picture filled with support and kindness from many people as they’ve navigated opportunities and challenges. At the same time, we hear the realities and anxieties that both guests encountered learning and teaching in spaces where others don’t look like them, the challenges of biases and “othering,” and the joy of finally operating as their authentic selves.

As they describe their experiences as Black men, we’ll consider what’s perceived as acceptable versus unacceptable in academic and societal settings – especially as professors and practitioners in sociology, philosophy, visual art and art history. We also delve deep into the ways our guests teach and challenge their students, their colleagues and society in a range of topics like art, representation, black trauma, culture, wealth gaps, atheism and religion.

This is a truly moving and powerful discussion that will leave you encouraged, inspired and challenged!