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Pipeline Program Roundup

What is a pipeline program, and what programs might you explore?
Miriam and Kristi speak to representatives from four programs to introduce applicants to the wide array of pipeline programs available.
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Campus Life, Mental Health & Faith in a Pandemic World w/ Sharon Kugler, Orlando Yarborough III & Omer Bajwa

For students, faculty, administrators, staff and family members across the country, there’s so much for us to consider as we embark on another unique college and university semester. This week, Chaplain Sharon Kugler, Pastor Orlando Yarborough III, and Imam Omer Bajwa join for a timely, rich, honest and compelling conversation about campus life, mental health and faith amidst an ongoing pandemic. Join us to hear insights from their roles and personal experiences with students on campus. We also discuss how to navigate our expectations and desires for normalcy, what it means to return, the realities of our hustle culture, and the importance of pausing and resting. Amidst all of the uncertainty, unease, and anxiety, our guests also share about sources of joy, the strength we can draw from being in spiritual community, and our tremendous opportunities for growth in this moment. A powerful and moving episode!

Ep. 84 – Alma W. Thomas: Everything Is Beautiful

Listen to this conversation with Chrysler Museum of Art curator Seth Feman and Columbus Museum curator Jonathan Frederick Walz — we discuss the art and life of the extraordinary American artist Alma Woodsey Thomas. Seth and Jonathan are co-curators of the major traveling exhibition Alma W. Thomas: Everything Is Beautiful

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Ep. 42 – Edie Widder on the ocean’s spectacular light

Most of us land-lubbers assume that light-making among ocean creatures is an exotic and rare phenomenon. But that’s wrong. The majority of animals in the ocean, which means the majority of animals on the planet, are capable of making light. From top to bottom, the ocean is teeming with unforgettably beautiful and extraordinarily diverse light shows made by animals that we’re only beginning to understand, from deep-sea shrimp that distract predators by spewing glowing mucus to squids that backlight their body tissue in flickering patterns that seem to coordinate group hunting. In this episode, we speak with Dr. Edie Widder, a renowned deep sea explorer and world authority on marine bioluminescence, about ocean animals’ language of light, her startling beautiful experiences in the deep, how dim our understanding of much of the ocean still is, and why investing in ocean exploration is key to ocean protection.

Black mamas and the #PostpartumRevolution with Stacey D. Stewart & Angelina Spicer

Far too often, the crisis around maternal health and maternal mental health support in the United States is underappreciated and even ignored, especially for women of color. This week, March of Dimes President and CEO, Stacey D. Stewart, and comedian and “accidental activist” Angelina Spicer join for a conversation that can truly be a matter of life or death. Join in, as we share and hear stories of those who have walked through postpartum depression and other maternal health challenges. We also discuss societal pressures on women and black women in particular, the true definition of a strong black woman, and the reward of risk taking and vulnerability in order to walk in your purpose.

Race, religion, politics & mental health with Eddie Glaude Jr. & A.D. Thomason

We seem to be living in a culture where so many are speaking as instant experts on almost everything. But how do we navigate the noise and find truth, while also cultivate the disciplines of listening and sitting with silence? This week, distinguished professor, scholar & author Eddie Glaude Jr., and author and filmmaker A.D. Thomason join for an honest, wide-ranging conversation on these topics and the realities of brokenness, growth through pain, true hope, and much more. We’ll also discuss whether our nation is in a true moment of racial reckoning. Join the conversation and hear personal insights from both guests on how they maintain balance, approach emotional health, and stay true to their purpose in today’s complex world.