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Addiction Psychiatry, Recovery Journeys, Fighting Stigma and Holding on to Hope, with Myra Mathis

This week, I’m joined by Dr. Myra Mathis, an addiction psychiatrist, clinical leader and community leader, and a person of faith. In this inspiring conversation, Dr. Mathis walks us through her daily experience as a psychiatrist in our present-day society, and she describes what gives her joy in her work. As one who embraces holistic approaches to mental health, she shares practical ways to put that approach into practice. Dr. Mathis also touches on how a better understanding of the science of mental health and addiction can help us understand behaviors in our loved ones and help us fight mental health stigmas. Along with these helpful perspectives, Dr. Mathis stresses the importance of meeting people where they are and the necessity of holding on to hope. This is a wonderful conversation with a true leader who is striving to remove barriers that prevent many of us from moving to a better place of wholeness in our mental health.

Mental Health, Politics and Advocacy with former U.S. Representative Patrick J. Kennedy

This week, former US representative Patrick J. Kennedy joins for an authentic, inspiring and practical conversation about his personal journey and his long-standing mental health advocacy and policy efforts. More than ever as a society, we’re acknowledging the reality of mental health challenges, the need for access to care and coverage for care, and the importance of mental health wellness. In this episode, we discuss the need for a true mental health reframing and normalization, where we’ve made societal progress, and the critical work that remains. Rep. Kennedy also shares refreshing stories about effective, daily practices he uses in his life, especially in the midst of our ongoing societal challenges. We also talk through aspects of brain biology, our experiences, and how these intersect to impact how we navigate and experience the world. A truly poignant and generative conversation!

Hip Hop, Positivity, and the Environment: a Conversation withLilB

On this episode, Dr. Easley is joined by world-renowned rapper LilB, who has developed a strong fanbase thanks to his promotion of positivity and tolerance. The two discuss how LilB’s upbringing and career has taught importance of love and compassion in his relationship with people and the environment.

12. Carbon Offsets: One Quandary After Another

Are carbon offsets a viable option for decarbonizing the global economy? What problems do they solve? What problems do they create? We hear from Suzi Kerr (Chief Economist, EDF), Brad Gentry (Frederick K. Weyerhaeuser Professor in the Practice of Forest Resources Management and Policy, Yale University), Zack Parisa (CEO, Natural Capital Exchange), Anastasia O’Rourke (Managing Director, Yale Carbon Containment Lab), Dr. Charles Canham (Forest Ecologist, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies), Kristen Lyons (Fellow, Oakland Institute), Kim Hellstrom (Strategy Lead, Sustainability, H&M Group), and Alex Barron (Assistant Professor, Environmental Science and Policy, Smith College). Read more at

Conservation and Community Development in Botswana: A Conversation with Kaggie Orrick, Lauren Sadowski and Dikatholo Kedikilwe

On this episode, Dr. Easley is joined by Kaggie Orrick, a PhD Student at Yale as well as Lauren Sadowski, a recent master’s graduate of the school. They discuss their experience working on elephant conservation inBotswana. The episode also includes voice recordings of Dikatholo (Dix) Kedikilwe who works for Round River Conservation Studies inBotswana.

Time with Craig

Join us in some Time for the Soul as Yale University Chaplain Sharon Kugler and the Rev. Craig Luekens, assistant pastor at Christ Presbyterian Church and coordinator of the Athletes In Action program, discuss how we find sustenance through scripture and routine, the demand to constantly perform at Yale and seeking refuge from it, and the willingness to face head-on the difficult complexities of life.

Faith Community & Mental Health Partnerships with Ayana Jordan & Sidney Hankerson

An inspiring episode as I host two of my Psychiatry role models who are making great impacts through mental health programs and offerings in our churches and faith communities. Dr. Ayana Jordan and Dr. Sidney Hankerson join to discuss how they’re elevating community voices and walking in partnership with faith leaders and communities to address and improve mental health. We’ll hear how these two leaders are transforming society as they teach, learn from, employ and deploy individuals and groups in our communities. This is an empowering episode on so many levels! Join in for a conversation filled with joy, laughter, reflection and inspiration.