Discussing the Future of Environmental Justice Dr. Gerald Torres

On this episode, Dr. Easley and Bennett Olupo speak with Professor Gerald Torres as they explore his interest in Environmental Justice as well as his career in Law. This episode is rich because they all share their understandings of the injustices communities of color face, while Prof. Torres gives wisdom and scholarship that breaks down diversity, justice, and inclusion in practical ways through his historic lens. Wait until you find out the commonality they share at the end.

Neuroscience research and society – impact or flop? Diana Martinez and Steve Mahler

A must listen, quintessential Addy Hour conversation! In this episode, we discuss the place of science in society as we talk through both big picture and practical, and both straightforward and nuanced aspects science. I’m joined by psychiatrist Dr. Diana Martinez, and neuroscientist Dr. Steve Mahler. We start with personal, family stories related to addiction and mental health. In considering career journeys, we hear some surprising parallels, as our guests describe early roadblocks, hard work and perseverance, their internal motivation, and the importance of being open to unexpected opportunities.

We also delve into important, but sometimes uncomfortable and easily ignored topics. We talk about drug experimentation, use and misuse in teens and others, as well as the challenges of overdose and drug-related assaults. We consider the challenges of anxiety and depression, the realities of things like antisocial personality disorder and pedophilia, the line between good and bad behavior, and our societal struggles around these topics. Thankfully, we also talk about ways that attitudes are shifting around these topics. Both guests powerfully describe the importance of different perspectives, and the ways we can incorporate science informed approaches in our societal conversations and daily lives. Impressively, they brilliantly share from their expertise in addiction research, while also integrating their perspectives informed by psychology and philosophy.

A thought provoking and engaging conversation! Whether you’re generally interested in mental health and neuroscience, a student training in research, or a scientist, clinician or mental health provider, this is an episode for you.

The Importance of HBCUs for Environmental Progress with Dr. Iris Montague and Ms. Stephanie Love

On this episode, Dr. Easley interviews two scientists and leaders in the forest industry. Amazingly, they are also his classmates from Alabama A&M University. They discuss their journeys to the profession and the importance of getting an education at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Finding a place at Yale: Thokozile Changufu, Grace (Chikaodi) Dominic, Jeffrey (Ato) Blay

On this episode, Dr. Easley and Bennett Olupo are joined by Thoko, Grace, and Ato. The vivacious and keen trio are pursuing their masters at Yale School of the Environment. We discuss what it is like to be from The Continent and pursue an environmentally focused education and career. The episode has a special emphasis on forestry and urban planning.