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CONVERSATION: Free Speech on Campus

Conversation and debate on campus can lead to controversy. This episode analyzes political scientist Keith Whittington’s writings on free expression and academic freedom as they apply to college experiences today. Dean Pericles Lewis is joined by Yale students Claire Michalik ’25 and Zadie Winthrop ’26.

CONVERSATION: Plato & John Stuart Mill

Higher education involves engaging in conversation, both specific discussions about course material and broader conversations about the search for knowledge and shared understanding. The importance of conversation in achieving knowledge is explored through Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty. Dean Pericles Lewis is joined by Yale students Claire Michalik ’25 and Zadie Winthrop ’26.

Purposes of College Education Trailer

College is a crucial institution in which our society works through its expectations for young people. This podcast explores some of the purposes that have been ascribed to college, including conversation with others on intellectual matters, development of personal character, participation in a community, and preparation for citizenship. There are countless purposes ranging from the practical to the personal, including career preparation and pursuit of knowledge for its own sake. The episodes will be released in couplets for each purpose, pairing the historic with the contemporary to trace the lineage of the theme throughout the centuries . Ideally, listeners will reflect on their educational experiences and consider ways that college can meet the needs of future generations.

This podcast will launch on May 5th on all podcast platforms.