Monthly Archives: November 2013

Conversation with Gary Knight

The Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI), a non-profit administered by Florida State University, maintains a comprehensive database of the state’s biological resources, a critical resource for policymakers and stakeholders working on conservation projects. In this podcast, Jason D. Schwartz, Yale F&ES ’13, visits with Gary Knight, FNAI director and 2013 Dorothy S. McCluskey Visiting Fellow in Conservation at F&ES, about why measurement matters in conservation and how we might more effectively measure – and communicate – conservation successes.

Environmental Campaigns: a Conversation with Greenpeace International’s Janet Dalziell

If you see something wrong, you should do something about it: this ethos has inspired Janet Dalziell throughout her career at Greenpeace International, where she is the director of global development and a member of the senior management team. In this podcast, Ms. Dalziell visits with Amy Mount, Yale F&ES ’14, about her time at Greenpeace, the organization’s priorities and strategic deployment of non-violent direct action, and the plight of the Arctic 30, the group of activists protesting oil drilling in the Arctic and now being held by the Russian government.

Climate Refugees and the Challenge of Statehood: a Conversation with Maxine Burkett

For island and coastal nations, rising sea levels pose an urgent threat; indeed, we’re already seeing climate-change-driven migration — a process threatens to create empty states by draining communities of skills and tax revenue even before the full physical impacts of climate change hit. In this podcast, Maxine Burkett, Associate Professor at the William S. Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawaii, and the former director of the Center for Island Climate Adaptation and Policy, visits with Halley Epstein, YLS ’14, about what might be done to preserve statehood for nations after climate change makes their physical territories uninhabitable.

Resource Management in Alaska: a Conversation with Gunnar Knapp

In the first of a two-part podcast, Gunnar Knapp, Director of the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Alaska, discusses his work at ISER and the challenges of researching and implementing public policy that protects the environment and promotes development, keeping the long-term nuances of a decision in mind.

Beyond Coal: A Conversation with Mark Kresowik

In the second of a two-part podcast, Mark Kresowik, eastern region deputy director for the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign, talks about the campaign’s success, the benefits of political pressure versus analytical arguments in clean energy advocacy, and grassroots action in address climate change.