Monthly Archives: January 2014

2014 Environmental Performance Index Offers Global Scorecard

The 2014 Environmental Index ranks countries on high-priority environmental concerns, including air quality, water management, and climate change. The Index, which includes 178 countries, reveals that the world is doing well on improving drinking water and sanitation. Progress in these categories tracks the concerted pursuit of the Millennium Development Goals, which have clear targets, strategies, and metrics for assessment on water and sanitation. Poorer environmental performance is seen in areas with less defined targets and goals, as with fisheries, industrial wastewater treatment, and air quality. Switzerland tops the Index with Luxembourg, Australia, Singapore, and Czech Republic rounding out the top five positions. For more information on the 2014 EPI visit

Sovereignty, Safety,and the Small Farm: a Conversation with Kevin Poland

Maine farmer Kevin Poland visits with YCELP Associate Director Josh Galperin about the local food sovereignty movement. Proponents of the movement would like to see food safety regulations handled at a local rather than the federal or state level, but the issue has proved divisive.