Monthly Archives: March 2015

Food Justice and the Food Movement: An Interview with Eric Holt-Gimenez

Eric Holt-Gimenez is the Executive Director of Food First, an organization out of Oakland, California that seeks to expose the root causes of hunger and inequalities in our current food systems. His work spans from agro ecology to political economy, and provides a valuable lens through which to imagine food systems that haven’t just been reformed, but transformed. Listen to Holt-Gimenez discuss the inequities in our current local and global food systems, the food movement’s relation to issues of justice, and his vision for more just food systems.

Opportunity in Risk: Kate Gordon on California’s Environmental Policy Innovation

Kate Gordon leads the Energy & Climate team at Next Generation. In this episode, she talks about the promising signs of change in US climate and energy policy, with a special focus on the innovations emerging from California. There’s increasing public and private investment in transforming California’s economy, which is now the world’s eighth largest, and Gordon explains its significant impact on the scale of clean energy solutions across the state and what this could mean for national policy solutions. Gordon also discusses how the green jobs movement can address systematic social and environmental injustices.