Billy Ray – Oscar-nominated Screenwriter

Screenwriter and director Billy Ray joins Aaron to discuss his extraordinary Hollywood career. From writing and directing his first feature, Shattered Glass, which Aaron is obsessed with, all the way through Breach, The Hunger Games, Captain Phillips, and his Amazon series The Last Tycoon. They also discuss Billy’s all-time favorite scene from The Godfather.

2 thoughts on “Billy Ray – Oscar-nominated Screenwriter

  1. without question, any young (or not so young) screenwriter seeking tips, advice, general comments, and mutual solace and support on all aspects of the profession will find Aaron’s podcasts both necessary and absolutely exciting. and knowing that Terrence winter has 26 rejected scripts can only be in the misery loves company category, along with the category of stick with it, you’ll make it!

    aaron’s enthusiam, genuine interest in his guest, as well as Aaron’s own wide knowledge of the history of film and screen writing, make these podcasts really fascinating. two experts for the price of one.

  2. the conversation with billy ray—even more exciting than podcast number one. Aaron does a brilliant job of “herding brilliant cats”, otherwise known as the mind of billy ray speaking about his love of writing, his craft, and his emotional (in)stability while pitching scripts, and most of all, his complete and absolute persistence in working harder than anyone else , longer than anyone else, and perhaps, more passionately than anyone else could possibly bear.

    the listener leaves the podcast desperately wanting to write a script and in awe of billy ray’s understanding of what that takes. and then the listener remembers that it was Aaron’s well placed and penetrating questions that corralled billy ray’s incendiary mind into what is a tremendously exciting tour from f.scott Fitzgerald in Hollywood, through his remarkable films shattered glass and breached, up to his total admiration for “the best movie, period”, The Godfather. he certainly made this listener a believer.

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