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Michael Douglas — Oscar-winning Actor, Producer

Hollywood legend Michael Douglas walks Aaron through highlights of his era-defining career. They pay particular attention to Michael’s working relationship with screenwriters, including those behind Wall Street, Fatal Attraction, The American President, and many others.

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Professors Grunwald & Rappaport on The Wandering Officer

Professors Grunwald and Rappaport talk about their recent article, The Wandering Officer. “Wandering officers” are law-enforcement officers fired by one department, sometimes for serious misconduct, who then find work at another agency. This Article shares the findings of the authors’ systematic investigation of wandering officers over thirty years in Florida, possibly the largest quantitative police-misconduct study of any kind. They find that in any given year, an average of just under 3 percent of all officers in Florida were “wandering officers.” These wandering officers seemed to face difficulty finding work, and were more likely to be fired from their next job or to receive a complaint for a “moral character violation.” The authors consider why departments nonetheless hire wandering officers and suggest potential policy responses.

Immortality – YJBM December 2019 Death Issue

For this episode of the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine Podcast, Carrie Ann & Kelsie discuss immortality, or rather, the best examples of pseudo-immortality found in the animal kingdom. For more information about YJBM or to read our latest issue on Death (Dec 2019), visit

YJBM Special Episode: 50WomenAtYale150 – Episode 1

In this episode, Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine Podcast hosts Huaqi and Felicia interview Dr. Lisa Sanders on her career as a woman in STEM and her non-traditional journey from journalism to medicine. Dr. Lisa Sanders is an Associate Professor in General Internal Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine and writer of the popular Diagnosis column for the New York Times.

Ep. 31 – Zak Smith on ending the international wildlife trade

The repercussions of the international wildlife trade, which is a primary driver of our planet’s biodiversity crisis, have recently hit close to home. With the society-altering impacts of Covid-19, which scientists think originated in wild animals, and the cultural storm around the Netflix hit “Tiger King,” the true cost of the wildlife trade and the U.S.’s role in driving it have become topics of national concern. In this episode, we speak with Natural Resources Defense Council Senior Attorney Zak Smith, who has fought for years to protect at-risk wildlife from exploitation. Smith discusses his work leveraging international, federal, and state and local mechanisms to safeguard some of our planet’s most iconic species — such as vaquitas, giraffes, and elephants — and his vision for a more sustainable, equitable world.

Hometown & Regional Resources in the Time of Covid19

Yale’s Office of Career Strategy team offers advice to those whose summer experiences have changed in light of the Covid19 situation. Looking within your own community, be it your hometown, region, or state, can not only provide ample opportunities and means of adjustment, but also allow you to do your part in chipping in during this time.

Nonprofits and New Haven: Driving Food-Centered Inclusion


What roles do some of New Haven’s non-profits play in the city’s food landscape? We speak with Sanctuary Kitchen and Love Fed New Haven, and the city’s Food Systems Director Latha Swamy to understand how food-centered programming, organizing, and activism address the needs of New Haven’s various communities. While organizations build their own niches, so too do they emphasize inclusive, community-driven approaches—something special about the place they inhabit.

New Haven COVID-19 Response Resources, organized by the New Haven Food Policy Council.

To learn more, follow Love Fed New Haven on Instagram @lovefednhv, and Sanctuary Kitchen @sanctuarykitchenct. Sanctuary Kitchen’s parent organization, CitySeed, can be followed @cityseedhaven.

4:12 – 4:21: Statistics on Refugees in the U.S.
4:22 – 4:35: Refugee Resettlement in New Haven, per IRIS.

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Professor Karen Seto on Urbanization and Building Sustainable Cities

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, President Salovey and Professor Seto discuss urban population growth and how cities can be managed and built to optimize sustainability and health.

Working Remotely in the Time of Covid19

Yale’s Office of Career Strategy team offers insight and advice on how to adjust to a remote working environment in this time of dealing with the Covid19 situation. Good communication with your employer, flexibility (yours and theirs), and a mindfulness of how to showcase your own adaptability prove essential.

Yale Health Experts on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ann Kurth, dean of the Yale School of Nursing, and Saad Omer, director of the Yale Institute for Global Health, joined President Peter Salovey for a conversation about COVID-19 response and the immediate and long-term impacts of this pandemic.