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Anjali Oberoi, Founder and Director of Bernoulli Finance

Bernoulli Finance provides financial strategy, planning, and operations services to ecologically-minded ventures including businesses in the sustainable food sector, such as Dandelion Chocolate, Magnolia Brewing, Nuchas, and others across the U.S. Oberoi’s other professional affiliations include finance instruction at the Food Craft Institute, a nonprofit imparting traditional food making and business skills to entrepreneurs, and CFO at Fare Resources, a collective of consultant-entrepreneurs that builds strong food communities through consulting, education, and resource development. Oberoi will share her trajectory and the genesis of Bernoulli Finance; what she saw missing in the market and her take on food businesses and the particular challenges they face.

Nastassia Lopez On Innovation in the Business of Food

From food tech and food trucks to crowdfunding, start-ups and hospitality, Nastassia Lopez has a wealth of experience in businesses aimed at bettering food systems and the environment through culture. Lopez is joint podcast host of Cooking Issues with Dave Arnold, Culinary Board member for the forthcoming Museum of Food and Drink in New York City, and has held leadership positions at inventive cocktail bar Booker and Dax and leading culinary school the International Culinary Center. Lopez will be bringing samples and doing demonstrations, including searzalled s’mores, savory soda and liquid nitrogen marshmallows. Bring your curiosity and appetite!

Women Addressing Food In Healthcare

Marydale Debor founded FreshAdvantage after recognizing the urgent need to revolutionize traditional institutional food service. Her most recent project has reformed food service in New Haven’s Connecticut Mental Health Center, to great acclaim. Anne Gallagher is a chef and culinary instructor instrumental in creating youth cooking programs in Connecticut. Francine Blinten is a nutritionist with experience addressing a wide range of health conditions through food. Hear Debor, Gallagher, and Blinten explain their operations at the nexus between food and health care.

A Conversation With the Founders and Directors of Cherry Bombe Magazine

Cherry Bombe is a biannual indie publication celebrating women and food, and has expanded to include an annual conference in New York City called Jubilee, celebrating women in the food industry. Harper’s Bazaar alums, dubbed fashion’s favorite foodies, Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu will chart their entrepreneurial path from fashion to food, explaining the business of stylish food, and imparting their lessons in journalism. Additionally, Wu and Diamond host Radio Cherry Bombe, a hugely popular show on Heritage Radio Network broadcast from Brooklyn.

A Chat with Organic Farmer Jack Hedin

Yale College graduate Jack Hedin grows organic vegetables on a 250 acre farm in Minnesota and writes for publications including the New York Times and Bloomberg. Join Hedin as he shares his path from Yale to organic farming and his mission for environmental and financial sustainability.

Food Justice and the Food Movement: An Interview with Eric Holt-Gimenez

Eric Holt-Gimenez is the Executive Director of Food First, an organization out of Oakland, California that seeks to expose the root causes of hunger and inequalities in our current food systems. His work spans from agro ecology to political economy, and provides a valuable lens through which to imagine food systems that haven’t just been reformed, but transformed. Listen to Holt-Gimenez discuss the inequities in our current local and global food systems, the food movement’s relation to issues of justice, and his vision for more just food systems.