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Peter Couchman of the Plunkett Foundation talks Co-Operation

The Plunkett Foundation is a organization based in Oxfordshire, England. Their work helps predominantly rural communities set up and maintain multiple types of co-operatives: community shops, co-operative pubs, and community food enterprises amongst others. Peter Couchman is the CEO of the Plunkett Foundation, and has spend most of his working life in the co-operative movement.

Andy Nathan from Victor & Spoils

Chief marketing officer of Victor & Spoils, Andy Nathan, will share his experiences building the world’s first advertising agency based on crowdsourcing principles. Nathan uses marketing to create a healthier America. His most recent project pitted Kale against Broccoli in an effort to get more Americans to eat their (fad-free) vegetables. Hear him talk about his work, advertising culture,and conscious capitalism.

Abhishek Majumdar and Ira Karnik Talk About the Play “Thook”, Hunger and Food Security

As part of the Festival of Food Security and this summer’s Food Justice campaign, Hartford’s HartBeat Ensemble presents the US premiere of the Indian Ensemble’s Thook (spit), a play in four vignettes. From the Bengal famine of 1943 to the severely under-reported Food Riots of 2008, Thook uses dark comedy, satire and documentary styles to engage the economics of day-to-day life and delve into the psychological distress caused by chronic hunger. Abhishek Majumdar is the creative director of the Indian Ensemble of Bangalore, who form the cast of the play, and Ira Karnik is the playwright.

Josh Evans of the Nordic Food Lab

Founded by the chef of Noma, widely recognized as the #1 restaurant in the world, Rene Redzepi, the Nordic Food Lab investigates food diversity and deliciousness, combining scientific, cultural and culinary techniques from around the world. Yale graduate Evans CC’12 will speak about broadening taste, the gastronomic value of insects, and exploring the edible potential of the Nordic region.

Chris Boswell: Sustainable Food in Rome

Chris Boswell, founder of the Rome Sustainable Food Project, talks about facilitating the cross-pollination of ideas from food leaders all over the world by encouraging them to come to the table and share meals and ideas with the Project in Rome. Boswell spoke to how the Project believes in the power and importance of improving the way institutions think about the food they serve, and about educating a new generation of people to keep that focus real and vital.