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Erik Mathisen on American Diplomacy during the era of Reconstruction

Erik Mathisen joins Thomas Thurston on this episode of Slavery and Its Legacies to discuss American foreign relations during the Reconstruction era and how a generation of former Union soldiers saw slavery, free labor, capitalism, and emancipation around the world through the prism of their wartime experiences.

Jonathan Schroeder on Mapping North American Slave Narratives

Jonathan Schroeder, a recent Postdoctoral Associate at Yale’s Digital Humanities Lab, discusses his post-doctoral research project “Passages to Freedom: Mapping the North American Slave Narratives. “Passages to Freedom” examines the language and mobility of 294 African-American slave narratives.

Slavery and Its Legacies: Manuel Barcia on piracy, the slave trade, and the trial of the Panda

Professor Manuel Barcia joins Thomas Thurston on this episode of Slavery and Its Legacies to discuss an episode covered in his current book project: The Pirates, the Judge, and the Amistad Trial: Or How the Panda Slavers May Have Determined the Fate of the Amistad Africans.

Slavery and Its Legacies – Abigail Cooper on the Movements of Black Refugees in the Civil War Era

Thomas Thurston spoke with Abigail Cooper, an Assistant Professor in History at Brandeis University and a visiting fellow at the Gilder Lehrman Center, about her work examining Civil War refugee or contraband camps across the South. Her talk traces the migrations and settlement patterns of black refugees while elucidating the cross-cultural encounters that took place in the camps