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Evan and Erin are joined by their guest Paul Daniels to discuss the upcoming Supreme Court Case: Masterpiece Cake Shop vs Colorado Civil Rights Commission, in which a Christian baker declined to bake a wedding cake for a same sex couple. In this much anticipated legal battle, the court will determine the extent of freedom of religion and what exactly qualifies as discrimination.


Join us on The Other Side as Evan and Erin, along with their esteemed guest George Chochos, take part in an enlightening discussion on the effect the criminal justice system has had on fatherhood in the African American community. Also examined are the opportunities for higher learning while incarcerated, the best ways to counteract recidivism and what a Christ like approach to punitive justice looks like. You don’t want to miss this POWERFUL podcast!

Part 2- The Women’s Movement

Hosts Evan and Erin continue the discussion on THE WOMEN’S MOVEMENT series with our special guest Heaven Berhane. In this episode, we continue our examination of Womanism vs. Feminism, the #MeToo and #TimesUp Movements, Jimmy Carter and his global fight to protect women from violence, and musings about what the Church needs to do going forward.

Part 1- The Women’s Movement

Join us on The Other Side as we discuss THE WOMENS MOVEMENT with our special guest: Heaven Berhane. In this two-part episode we examine: Womanism vs Feminism. The #MeToo and #TimesUp Movements. We also explore a very important question: Have the needs of Women of Color been addressed or dismissed by The Women’s Movements of the past and present?

Part 2- Immigration & DACA

In Part 2 of the discussion of DACA and Immigration, Evan and Erin continue their conversation with immigration activist Dax Crocker, continuing to look at the hidden challenges immigrants face while exploring possible solutions.