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Drug Development: Episode II

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Katerina Politi, a Pathology professor here at Yale, about the critical role of basic scientific research in the drug development process. Specifically, we delve into the way in which scientific advances in the molecular underpinnings of lung cancer have shaped emergents therapies, and vice versa.

Microbiome: Episode III

What’s next for microbiome research? In the third and final episode on the microbiome, we are joined by Dr. Camille Konopnicki, a post-doctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Andrew Goodman, who was our colloquium speaker for this issue to talk about current on going research on the microbiome here at Yale and how microbiome research is evolving and changing.

Microbiome: Episode II

What has the microbiome taught us? In the second episode on the microbiome, we are joined by Yale rheumatologist and assistant professor of Immunobiology and Medicine, Dr. Martin Kriegel to discuss articles published in our issue, current research on the microbiome, how the microbiome is being applied in the clinic, and where the future of microbiome research lies.

Microbiome: Episode I

Want to learn more about the microbiome? In the first episode of three on the microbiome, the focus topic for the September 2016 issue of the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, we will be discussing the history of the field, current techniques used in microbiome research, and how the microbiome influences our health.