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Hurricane Response: Learning from Disaster Management in Haiti

For Rita Sciarra, Project Manager for the United Nations Development Programme disaster response to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, preparation for disasters is key to effective response. She talks about the critical steps to creating a good disaster response program, multilateral coordination efforts with local governments, and the role of technology in ongoing disaster response. She talks about how the increasing number of hurricanes in the Caribbean could make affected islands increasingly vulnerable to more damage and the importance of preparing communities not traditionally affected by hurricanes as they become increasingly common in the Atlantic. “The statistics say we are going to have more and more disasters and less and less money,” she says. But there’s still hope. With better public sector planning in advance of disasters, governments like Mexico are learning to avoid loss of life on the scale of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

YJIA Podcast – A Conversation with Seyla Benhabib

Philosopher and political scientist Seyla Benhabib discusses immigration, the refugee crisis, and the fate of liberalism around the world. How does the current refugee crisis compare to others in history? Which countries have shown the best response to the refugee question? What do the US election, Brexit, and the rise of nativist factions across Europe mean for liberalism and the global protection of the rights of the individual?

YJIA Podcast: A Conversation With Daniel Magaziner

YJIA spoke to Professor Daniel Magaziner about the role of history in understanding African politics today, drawing on the examples of post-apartheid South Africa and post-1994 Rwanda. Professor Magaziner discussed the recent student activism in South Africa and what the current struggles of the ANC reflect about the failures of the post-apartheid liberation movement. He also examined the extent to which western attitudes to ‘Africa’ as a continent are changing.

YJIA Podcast: A Conversation With Emma Sky

“‘The old international order is at an end. We will look back and see that it was Iraq war that brought that order to an end.”
In the aftermath of the presidential election, Emma Sky speaks to YJIA about the Iraq War, the legacy of Barack Obama in the Middle East, and what to expect from a Donald Trump Presidency.

YJIA Podcast: A Conversation With Stephen Roach

YJIA discuss the future of employment with Stephen Roach, former chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia. Roach reflected on the impact of technology and why he is optimistic that humans will not go the same way as horses. He discusses changes in the way we work and whether current slow growth rates represent a “new normal”.

A Conversation with Howard Dean

Description: YJIA sat down with former Governor of Vermont and candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination Howard Dean to discuss the US election. With just over two weeks to go, Governor Dean reflects on this explosive campaign and explains why the Democrats cannot be complacent. Governor Dean explains the huge challenges that this election has to revealed to both parties and the media. Whatever the result, he believes this election will be transformative.