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YDS Fireside Chat – Exploring Jewish Identity with Jacqueline Vayntrub and Ora Weinbach

The Spiritual Formation and the Practice of Faith Committee is resuming the practice of Fireside Chats, whereby members of the community share a little bit about their spiritual journeys. Since we cannot conduct these chats by the actual fireside in the Common Room this year, we are offering them as podcasts instead. Listen to this first episode to hear Professor Jacqueline Vayntrub and M-Div student Ora Weinbach share stories about their Jewish identity and practice, and their experience of being Jewish at a predominantly Christian divinity school.

Ep. 18 — Anthony Weston on animals, aliens and the silence of the universe

In 1950, a physicist posed the question that has come to be known as the Fermi Paradox: given the high mathematical probability that other intelligent life forms exist elsewhere in the universe, why is there no evidence that they exist? In his blazingly original paper, “Radio Astronomy as Epistemology,” our guest, philosopher Anthony Weston, formulates a solution. What we take to be the silence of the universe, he writes, may teach us more about ourselves—and the challenges of receptivity to nonhuman minds in general—than about the prevalence of other life. The reason the universe appears to offer no evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence, Weston suggests, may be that we are paying the wrong kind of attention. We speak with Dr. Weston about self-fulfilling prophesies, the limits of animal intelligence tests, and how to cultivate what he calls “receptive listening.”

The Quadcast: What Can Business and Religion Learn from Each Other?


Yale Divinity School Professor Sarah Drummond discusses the relationship between business and religion, how business and faith leaders can successfully implement change, and reorienting the leadership of the Catholic Church.