Monthly Archives: March 2021

4. Why doesn’t the US have a national price on carbon?

Jacob, Naomi, and Casey explore the obstacles a national carbon price has faced in the United States, and the argument for a different approach to climate action. They talk with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), Nat Keohane (Senior Vice President for Climate at EDF), Saya Ameli Hajebi (Sunrise Movement activist), Carlos Curbelo (Former Congressman R-FL 26), David Roberts (Author of Volts newsletter on clean energy and politics), and Susanne Brooks (Senior Director of U.S. Climate Policy at EDF).


Stress & Resilience with Allan Houston and Rajita Sinha

Have the stresses of the last year harmed us or helped us build resilience – or both? On this episode of the Addy Hour, NBA legend Allan Houston and Professor and stress expert Rajita Sinha join for an honest and personal conversation on stress, pain, resilience, and community. We’ll consider how our bodies and minds respond to our personal and societal challenges, and the ways we can hold on to hope!

YJBM Does Sex Ed: What Makes a Good Mother

In this episode, co-hosts Kelsie and Victoria Harries discuss “what makes a good mom” from pregnancy to birthing choices. They cover how the definition of a good mom has changed over the past century and how the standards for moms has only increased, along with the number of choices a mother/soon-to-be mother has to make. Kelsie and Vicky also interview their moms to get their take on what being pregnant in the 1990’s was like!

The Ecology of Washington Square Park with Georgia Silvera Seamans

On this episode, we sit down with Yale School of the Environment alumna Georgia Silver Seamans who tells us stories of connecting with nature in the concrete jungle of New York City. Georgia is a trained urban forester and proud co-founder of Washington Square Eco Projects, an initiative that monitors biodiversity, designs environmental education programs, and advocates for an ecologically healthier landscape in the heart of Manhattan.

Nobel Laureate Louise Glück on Teaching and Poetry

President Peter Salovey and Professor Louise Glück discuss her discovery of poetry, the importance of mentorship, and her love of teaching. Their conversation is followed by a recording of Professor Glück’s reading of her poem “October.”

3. The Road to Paris: 30 Years of Climate Negotiations in Under an Hour

In Episode 3 of Pricing Nature, Jacob, Maria, and Casey chat with Sue Biniaz (Senior Fellow for Climate Change at the UN Foundation, and Visiting Lecturer at Yale), Dan Esty (Hillhouse Professor of Environmental Law and Policy at Yale), and David Roberts (Author of “Volts,” a newsletter on clean energy and politics, and formerly a journalist with Vox). Today’s episode tells the story of global climate negotiations, and how these important agreements have evolved over the last 30 years. Read more at

What’s in Your Survival Kit?: A conversation with Goodie Mob

Welcome to the Third Season of the Heartwood Podcast! In this season premier, host Dr. Thomas RaShad Easley and guest-host Michelle Lanier of Duke University’s Center of Documentary Studies sit down with the acclaimed Atlanta-based hip-hop group “Goodie Mob.” Founding members Cee-Lo, T-Mo, Khujo, and Big Gipp reflect on how they seek to promote a culture of awareness and preparedness as they celebrate the release of their recent album “Survival Kit.”

Wellness, Pandemics, Race & Politics with Jeff Gardere and Andra Gillespie

Our goal is wellness and health, which seem ever elusive amid a pandemic, the challenges of racial injustices, and the toxicity of our politics. We yearn to move on and past these strains. In this episode, we’ll instead lean into them. You’ll hear unique perspectives, explore uncomfortable topics and experience the power of truthful dialogue. We’ll move ahead together in a conversation with Dr. Jeff Gardere, psychologist and professor, and Dr. Andra Gillespie, political science professor and public scholar.

What Stands Out

Most applicants to Yale are strong along many dimensions, but only a small group truly stand out. Hannah and Mark discuss how admissions officers try to gauge what an applicant would add to and take from the Yale experience. Admissions officer Keith adds insights about what makes applicants stand out in Yale’s large and diverse pool of prospective students.