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Faith and Health: Reclaiming the Church’s Healing Ministry with Dr. Scott Morris

Yale Divinity School alum Dr. Scott Morris, founder and CEO of faith-based medical clinic Church Health, discusses the connection between health and religion, why Christians must engage in healing ministries, and the biggest failure in the American healthcare system.

Untold stories: LGBT Catholics and the Catholic response to the AIDS crisis in America with Michael O’Loughlin

YDS alum Michael O’Loughlin discusses his book ‘Hidden Mercy’ and untold stories of the grassroots Catholic response to the HIV/AIDS crisis in America, the challenges of being an LGBT member of the Catholic Church, and how Pope Francis sparked a spiritual revolution on Twitter.

Professor Jamil Drake: Can Religion Play a Healthy Role in American Politics?

YDS alumna Emily Judd speaks to Assistant Professor of African American Religious History Jamil Drake about whether religion can play a healthy role in US politics; which political issues are being emphasized among Black church communities today; and how one survey in Virginia in the 1800s continues to negatively shape perceptions of Black Americans.

How to Promote a Culture of Grace During a Time of Division

New York Times Bestselling Author and CNN Political Analyst Kirsten Powers discusses grace as a practice to cure division in America and her personal journey from atheism to Catholicism.

Who are White Christian Nationalists?


Yale Professor of Sociology and Religious Studies Philip Gorski sheds insight on white Christian nationalism, as well as the changing religious demographics in America. You can read Professor Gorski’s latest article here: https://currentpub.com/2021/08/03/three-cheers/