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14. Kim Stanley Robinson, Kate Raworth, and Delton Chen Discuss Carbon Currency

Will fighting climate change require restructuring the global economy? Is a “carbon currency” the most intuitive or efficient solution to the climate crisis? In the Season 2 finale, Casey chats with Kim Stanley Robinson (Author, The Ministry for the Future), Kate Raworth (Economist and Author, Doughnut Economics), and Delton Chen (Founder, Global Carbon Reward initiative) about the pros and cons of pursuing a global currency that rewards carbon emission reduction and sequestration. Read more at pricingnature.substack.com.

13: Could a New Global Currency Help Avert the Climate Crisis?

Could an economy that directly rewards carbon emissions reduction and sequestration be the solution to the climate crisis? In today’s episode, we explore proposals for a global carbon currency: one unit of currency for one ton of CO2 reduced or removed. We’ll hear from Suzi Kerr (Chief Economist, EDF), Bill English (Professor in the Practice of Finance, Formerly on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System), Vanessa Fajans-Turner (Executive Director, BankFWD; Candidate for Congress NY-22), Samuel Kortum (Professor of Economics, Yale University), Frank Van Gansbeke (Professor of the Practice, Middlebury College), and Diana Cárdenas (QOIN Foundation). Read more at pricingnature.substack.com.

12. Carbon Offsets: One Quandary After Another

Are carbon offsets a viable option for decarbonizing the global economy? What problems do they solve? What problems do they create? We hear from Suzi Kerr (Chief Economist, EDF), Brad Gentry (Frederick K. Weyerhaeuser Professor in the Practice of Forest Resources Management and Policy, Yale University), Zack Parisa (CEO, Natural Capital Exchange), Anastasia O’Rourke (Managing Director, Yale Carbon Containment Lab), Dr. Charles Canham (Forest Ecologist, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies), Kristen Lyons (Fellow, Oakland Institute), Kim Hellstrom (Strategy Lead, Sustainability, H&M Group), and Alex Barron (Assistant Professor, Environmental Science and Policy, Smith College). Read more at pricingnature.substack.com.

Welcome Back to Pricing Nature

Pricing Nature is back for a second season. This year, we’ll explore carbon pricing beyond cap-and-trade and carbon taxes. We’ll cover creative ways of pricing carbon, from fees inside companies to markets for offsets. We’ll even explore a new idea for payments to reduce carbon in the atmosphere. We’ll speak with heroic local organizers, academic experts at Yale and beyond, YouTube royalty, one of the greatest living Sci-Fi authors, three commissioners of state-level climate policy, leaders at environmental nonprofits, and young advocates from around the world. To learn more, visit our website, pricingnature.substack.com.