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Living buildings pioneer Jason F. McLennan on YDS Living Village and architecture for the future

Renowned sustainability architect Jason F. McLennan discusses Yale Divinity School’s Living Village complex, the relationship between religion and the environment, and his response to critics of green building.

11. What Have We Learned From Internal Carbon Pricing?

Yale, Microsoft, H&M, Mahindra, Smith College, and University College London share lessons from their experience putting prices on their own carbon emissions. Casey Pickett, host of Pricing Nature and Director of the Yale Carbon Charge, shares experiences from the last six years and makes a big announcement about the future of carbon pricing at Yale. And we hear advice about internal carbon pricing from Joanna Marshall-Cook (Head of Sustainability Programmes, University College London), Kim Hellstrom (Strategy Lead, Sustainability, H&M Group), Elizabeth Willmott (Carbon Program Director, Microsoft), Anirban Ghosh (Chief Sustainability Officer, Mahindra Group), and Alex Barron (Assistant Professor, Environmental Science and Policy, Smith College & Co-author, “Internal Carbon Pricing in Higher Education Toolkit”).

10. Tax Ourselves? Why Companies and Institutions Are Pricing Their Own Emissions

What is “internal” carbon pricing? And why are more and more private companies and institutions using the tool to reduce their emissions? We hear from Elizabeth Willmott (Microsoft, Carbon Program Director), Anirban Ghosh (Chief Sustainability Officer, Mahindra Group), Kim Hellstrom (Strategy Lead, Sustainability, H&M Group), Alex Barron (Assistant Professor, Environmental Science and Policy, Smith College & Co-author, “Internal Carbon Pricing in Higher Education Toolkit”), and Long Lam (Lead Author, CDP’s “How-To Guide to Corporate Internal Carbon Pricing”). Read more at pricingnature.substack.com.

Bonus Episode: A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Carbon Price

A carbon price at the Panama Canal?! In this mini episode, Casey and Jacob hear from Maxim Rebolledo (Decarbonization, Canal de Panamá), and discuss the implications of private actors pricing greenhouse gas emissions. Read more at pricingnature.substack.com.

Bonus Episode: Hank Green on How to Talk About Climate Change

What’s the best way to approach climate denialism? How should we feel if oil companies get rich solving the climate crisis? Do individuals have any power to address climate change? Casey discusses these questions and more with YouTube royalty Hank Green, a science communicator, author, and entrepreneur. Read more at pricingnature.substack.com.

9. Without National Climate Action, How Can US States Put a Price on Carbon?

In the absence of climate policy at the federal level, what are US states doing to price their carbon emissions? And what does it take to get these subnational policies off the ground? The Pricing Nature team speaks to Paula Sardinas (Washington Build Back Black Alliance), Katie Dykes (Commissioner, CT Department of Energy & Environmental Protection), Rob Klee (Former Commissioner, CT Department of Energy & Environmental Protection), Martin Suuberg (Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection), Nicole Wong (Former Campaign Manager, Green For All), and Iliana Paul (Senior Policy Analyst, NYU Institute for Policy Integrity). Read more at pricingnature.substack.com.

8. What Can COPs Accomplish? A Field Trip to COP26 in Glasgow

COP26 Part II: What happened at COP26? Why is the Conference of the Parties process so important? And what are its limitations? The Pricing Nature team hears from Jonathan Elkind (Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy), Ineza Grace (Loss and Damage Youth Coalition), Patience Nabukalu (Fridays For Future Uganda), and Yale School of the Environment students Arunima Sircar, Anelise Zimmer, Ines Ayostina, and Luca Guadagno. Read more at pricingnature.substack.com.

7. There’s a New Global Carbon Trading System—Article 6. Is It What We Need?

COP26 Part I: We discuss the theory and politics of the new global carbon trading system established by Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. How is this carbon trading system different from all the others? Let us count the ways. We’re joined by experts Gilles DuFrasne (Carbon Market Watch), Rishi Bhandary (Global Economic Governance Initiative, Boston University’s Global Development Policy Center), Bianca Gichangi (Eastern Africa Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance), and Michai Robertson (Alliance of Small Island States). Read more at pricingnature.substack.com

Welcome Back to Pricing Nature

Pricing Nature is back for a second season. This year, we’ll explore carbon pricing beyond cap-and-trade and carbon taxes. We’ll cover creative ways of pricing carbon, from fees inside companies to markets for offsets. We’ll even explore a new idea for payments to reduce carbon in the atmosphere. We’ll speak with heroic local organizers, academic experts at Yale and beyond, YouTube royalty, one of the greatest living Sci-Fi authors, three commissioners of state-level climate policy, leaders at environmental nonprofits, and young advocates from around the world. To learn more, visit our website, pricingnature.substack.com.

6. Carbon Pricing Hits a Brick Wall on the Left

In the final episode of Season 1, Casey, Naomi, and Jacob talk about the future of progressive climate policy. They speak with Michael Méndez (Assistant Professor at UC-Irvine, author of Climate Change from the Streets), Danny Cullenward (energy economist and lawyer at Stanford, author of Making Climate Policy Work), Keya Chatterjee (Executive Director of US Climate Action Network), and David Roberts (author of the Volts Newsletter), to understand what kind of climate policy progressives favor. Read more at pricingnature.substack.com.