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8. What Can COPs Accomplish? A Field Trip to COP26 in Glasgow

COP26 Part II: What happened at COP26? Why is the Conference of the Parties process so important? And what are its limitations? The Pricing Nature team hears from Jonathan Elkind (Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy), Ineza Grace (Loss and Damage Youth Coalition), Patience Nabukalu (Fridays For Future Uganda), and Yale School of the Environment students Arunima Sircar, Anelise Zimmer, Ines Ayostina, and Luca Guadagno. Read more at pricingnature.substack.com.

7. There’s a New Global Carbon Trading System—Article 6. Is It What We Need?

COP26 Part I: We discuss the theory and politics of the new global carbon trading system established by Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. How is this carbon trading system different from all the others? Let us count the ways. We’re joined by experts Gilles DuFrasne (Carbon Market Watch), Rishi Bhandary (Global Economic Governance Initiative, Boston University’s Global Development Policy Center), Bianca Gichangi (Eastern Africa Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance), and Michai Robertson (Alliance of Small Island States). Read more at pricingnature.substack.com

3. The Road to Paris: 30 Years of Climate Negotiations in Under an Hour

In Episode 3 of Pricing Nature, Jacob, Maria, and Casey chat with Sue Biniaz (Senior Fellow for Climate Change at the UN Foundation, and Visiting Lecturer at Yale), Dan Esty (Hillhouse Professor of Environmental Law and Policy at Yale), and David Roberts (Author of “Volts,” a newsletter on clean energy and politics, and formerly a journalist with Vox). Today’s episode tells the story of global climate negotiations, and how these important agreements have evolved over the last 30 years. Read more at pricingnature.substack.com.