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People of Child-Bearing Age & HIV with Danielle Warren-Diaz

People of Child-Bearing Age & HIV with Danielle Warren-Diaz

The Getting2U (G2U) crew get the chance to meet with subject matter expert, Danielle Warren-Diaz, Community Health Program Director at Connecticut Children’s and UCONN Health’s Youth and Family Community Health Program.

The team’s Hot Topic discussion was about the Department of Health and Human Service’s new Chestfeeding Guidelines for people living with HIV. For more information on the topic click here. (Infant Feeding for Individuals with HIV in the United States | NIH)

Danielle helped shed some light on the current impact of HIV on people of children-bearing age, especially among Black heterosexual women, who are among the highest population of people at risk for contracting HIV in Connecticut. Through some heart-felt moments and sharing of some personal experiences, the G2U crew took a deep dive into what UConn Health and Connecticut Children’s Hospital’s Youth and Family Community Health Program is doing to help combat this situation. Hoping to help inspire others to join the movement, Danielle provided her contact information for anyone looking to connect. Danielle can be reached at (860) 446-9685 or by email at DWarren@uchc.edu.
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