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Redefining “Perfect Patient” with Christie Mangir


Christie Mangir, breast cancer survivor, entrepreneur, and patient advocate, joins Harlan Krumholz to discuss what it means to be the “perfect patient.” Throughout her treatment, Christie felt pressure to do everything the doctor told her. At the same time, through a system of keeping spreadsheets on her symptoms, and a commitment to asking questions and seeking information, Christie became her own perfect patient—one who is engaged, informed, and self-advocating. Since her treatment, Christie has helped other patients dealing with the diagnosis and the decisions, self-care, and many unknowns that it comes with.

Becoming an e-Patient

When e-Patient Dave was diagnosed with kidney cancer, he was given an estimated 24 weeks to live. Now, twelve years later, Dave sits down for an interview with Harlan Krumholz in which he delves into just how he became an engaged patient, and what “e-Patient” means to him. Dave’s journey began when he first joined an online patient community as a cancer patient. But from being featured on the cover of the Boston Globe in an effort to access his health data, to successfully launching his first book, Let Patients Help, to writing his upcoming book on Super Patients, Dave continues to be a driving force in the e-Patient movement.