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Becoming an e-Patient

When e-Patient Dave was diagnosed with kidney cancer, he was given an estimated 24 weeks to live. Now, twelve years later, Dave sits down for an interview with Harlan Krumholz in which he delves into just how he became an engaged patient, and what “e-Patient” means to him. Dave’s journey began when he first joined an online patient community as a cancer patient. But from being featured on the cover of the Boston Globe in an effort to access his health data, to successfully launching his first book, Let Patients Help, to writing his upcoming book on Super Patients, Dave continues to be a driving force in the e-Patient movement.

Rearranging Research (with Bray Patrick-Lake)

Bray became involved in healthcare when she was a participant in a study for which she received a heart device, and wasn’t notified when the study was ended prematurely. Bray’s condition, Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) with migraines, greatly improved with her new device. But other study participants hadn’t fared so well. Bray started her own foundation, the PFO foundation, and became engaged with patient groups, research forums and conferences, and research advisory panels. Bray’s mission is to make research not just about the patients in the study, but for the patients in the study.