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Toward Freedom: The Power of Art Inside Prison Walls

Grounded in themes of tribulation, redemption, and hope, ISM Fellow and theater professor Dr. Ron Jenkins joins Ariana Hones (M.Div. ’23) in conversation on the transformational power of Dante’s Divine Comedies inside prisons. In this episode, Dr. Jenkins discusses his course, Gospel, Rap, and Social Justice, and his use of Dante’s poetry to create theater pieces with currently and formerly incarcerated people. He states, “bringing Dante and art into prison is a way of humanizing a dehumanizing situation.” Dante serves as both a mirror reflecting the injustices in our prison systems as well as a catalyst for freedom.


Join us on The Other Side as Evan and Erin, along with their esteemed guest George Chochos, take part in an enlightening discussion on the effect the criminal justice system has had on fatherhood in the African American community. Also examined are the opportunities for higher learning while incarcerated, the best ways to counteract recidivism and what a Christ like approach to punitive justice looks like. You don’t want to miss this POWERFUL podcast!