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Tackling disparities and stigma with Alfiee Breland-Noble and Doug Middleton

Tackling disparities and stigma with Alfiee Breland-Noble and Doug Middleton

In our often polarized society, mental health disparities can be viewed as either underappreciated or overblown. In today’s episode, we consider disparities, the importance of cultural competence, and the fight against stigma in youth and adults alike. Mental health expert Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble and mental health advocate Doug Middleton join for a discussion on mental health in BIPOC communities, the relationship between faith and therapy, and much more.

Andrea Freeman: Race, Law, and Food Oppression

Andrea Freeman: Race, Law, and Food Oppression


Food policies—even if seemingly fair or innocent—have disproportionately harmed communities of color and their health. Legal scholar Andrea Freeman asks questions of how we use the law to prove and address such injustices. In this archival episode, she shares more about this legal process, and the broader ways to challenge the interests of Big Food.

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