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9. Without National Climate Action, How Can US States Put a Price on Carbon?

In the absence of climate policy at the federal level, what are US states doing to price their carbon emissions? And what does it take to get these subnational policies off the ground? The Pricing Nature team speaks to Paula Sardinas (Washington Build Back Black Alliance), Katie Dykes (Commissioner, CT Department of Energy & Environmental Protection), Rob Klee (Former Commissioner, CT Department of Energy & Environmental Protection), Martin Suuberg (Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection), Nicole Wong (Former Campaign Manager, Green For All), and Iliana Paul (Senior Policy Analyst, NYU Institute for Policy Integrity). Read more at pricingnature.substack.com.

Who are White Christian Nationalists?


Yale Professor of Sociology and Religious Studies Philip Gorski sheds insight on white Christian nationalism, as well as the changing religious demographics in America. You can read Professor Gorski’s latest article here: https://currentpub.com/2021/08/03/three-cheers/

Leading Washington National Cathedral through pandemic and politics


Dean Randy Hollerith of Washington National Cathedral, ’90 M.Div., discusses presiding over presidential inaugural prayer services for Donald Trump and Joe Biden, why religious leaders should play a central role in healing divisions in America, and finding hope and faith during the coronavirus pandemic.