Monthly Archives: March 2021

Likely Letters

Admissions officer Ashleigh joins Hannah and Mark to talk about likely letters – a recruiting tool the admissions office uses with a small group of applicants each year. In this mini-episode, the office’s director of recruitment explains why some regular decision applicants receive a likely letter and addresses some common misconceptions.

Tackling disparities and stigma with Alfiee Breland-Noble and Doug Middleton

In our often polarized society, mental health disparities can be viewed as either underappreciated or overblown. In today’s episode, we consider disparities, the importance of cultural competence, and the fight against stigma in youth and adults alike. Mental health expert Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble and mental health advocate Doug Middleton join for a discussion on mental health in BIPOC communities, the relationship between faith and therapy, and much more.

Michael Méndez: Climate Policy and the Environmental Justice Movement

Climate change is fundamentally about people. In California, environmental justice activists have galvanized around human impacts of climate action—such as air pollution, poverty alleviation, and green jobs—to build a policy response that focuses on local communities and public health. Dr. Michael Méndez, assistant professor of environmental planning and policy at the University of California, Irvine, joins Charles Harper (YSE ’22) to discuss his book, Climate Change from the Streets: How Conflict and Collaboration Strengthen the Environmental Justice Movement, and the sometimes contentious history of incorporating environmental justice and the concerns of low-income people of color into climate change policy.

Why We Need Accountability with Andrés Jimenez

This week, we are joined by Andrés Jimenez, the executive director “Green 2.0.” Green 2.0 is an independent advocacy campaign aimed at increasing racial diversity among environmental organizations. In this conversation, Dr. Easley and Andrés discuss the power of racial diversity and how environmental leaders can learn from Green 2.0 to make their communities more inclusive and successful.

The Impact of Executive Defiance on Immigrants

What happens if a federal court issues an order in an immigration case, but the government does not obey it? As we’ll learn in this episode, it could mean that a young person who is eligible for relief under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program cannot have their application processed, or that immigrants will be deported in violation of federal-court orders. Armando Ghinaglia – a law student in Yale Law School’s Worker and Immigrant Rights Advocacy Clinic who has been working on DACA litigation and is a former DACA recipient himself – and Professor Jennifer Lee Koh join us to explain this important issue.

To learn more about this topic, take a look at Professor Jennifer Lee Koh’s Feature, Executive Defiance and the Deportation State, recently published in the Yale Law Journal.

Exploring Universal Consciousness with Marlon Davila

The Heartwood Podcast takes a spiritual journey this week with our guest Marlon Davila, a Guatemalan-born, New Jersey-based visual artist and muralist. Listen in as Marlon explains his path through the art-world and how he derives deep inspiration from nature and his spiritual connection to his surrounding environments.

Expanding Access to Quality Afterschool Programs with Jodi Grant

Jodi Grant, Executive Director of the Afterschool Alliance, discusses collaborating with policy makers at all levels of government and afterschool programs across the United States to improve childhood education and equal access to opportunity, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Exploring Muslim Identity with Abdul-Rehman Malik

The Spiritual Formation and the Practice of Faith Committee is continuing the practice of Fireside Chats through inviting members of the community to share their spiritual journeys. Since we cannot conduct these chats by the actual fireside in the Common Room this year, we are offering them as podcasts instead. In this episode, student Christy Stang interviews Abdul-Rehman Malik on his experience of spirituality and his Muslim faith.