Monthly Archives: December 2010

Crossing Antarctica

An interview with 2009 Yale World Fellow Tim Jarvis. Environmental scientist Tim Jarvis has trekked across Antarctica with the benefit of only starvation rations and low-tech gear, recreating the famous – or infamous – survival journey of early 20th century explorer Sir Douglas Mawson. He has trekked without support to the North Pole, crossing 400 km of the frozen Arctic Ocean. And in 2011, he will undertake yet another dangerous expedition: retracing the steps taken by Sir Ernest Shackleton in 1916 during his legendary and harrowing Antarctic voyage.

Defending Independent Media in Russia

An interview with 2009 Yale World Fellow Maxim Trudolyubov. Since 2003, Maxim Trudolyubov has been the Editorial Page Editor for Vedomosti, Russia’s most influential, independent daily business newspaper. He also co-anchors a weekly talk show on Ekho Moskvy, one of the few editorially independent radio stations in Russia.

Af-Pak: On-the-Ground Diplomacy

An interview with 2009 Yale World Fellow Alexander Evans. Alexander Evans is a diplomat with the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and has served in a number of countries, including Pakistan and India. He is an expert on Afghanistan/Pakistan relations, on the conflict in Kashmir, and on counter-terrorism and conflict. He will shortly join the team of Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, the US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Poverty in Post-Apartheid South Africa

An interview with 2009 Yale World Fellow Vusi Gumede. Until recently, Vusi Gumede was Chief Policy Analyst for The Presidency of South Africa. An economist by training, he had been with The Presidency’s Policy Coordination and Advisory Services since 2001 and is an expert in socio-economic and public policy issues pertaining to South Africa and Africa broadly.

Whither Turkey?

An interview with 2009 Yale World Fellow Hakan Altinay. Until recently, Hakan Altinay was Executive Director of Turkey’s Open Society Foundation – a Soros Foundation organization dedicated to democratic reform and social justice. Since joining the Open Society Foundation in 2001, Altinay has supported Turkey’s evolution toward a more open society by focusing on European Union accession and the aspirations of the middle class.

Corporate Sustainability: View from India

An interview with 2009 Yale World Fellow Unmesh Brahme. Since 2004, Unmesh Brahme has been Senior Vice President for Corporate Sustainability at HSBC India, where he formulates the bank’s corporate responsibility and sustainability framework. He has worked directly on the launch of HSBC India’s microfinance initiative and on Future First, a program for street children, as well as on significant climate change initiatives.