Monthly Archives: December 2010

Europe Frets Over Foreign Investments in Defense Industry

Liberalizing the defense and aerospace markets will streamline defense spending. As aerospace and defense industries integrate, regulations must be updated and coordinated accordingly. O’Donnell concludes that a joint EU investigative committee, rather than fragmented national reviews, would increase transparency, simplify procedures for investors and provide greater security.

China’s Chokehold On Rare-Earth Minerals Raises Concerns

n the light of China’s increasing assertiveness in the global scene, its dominance in rare-earth reserves and processing has raised concerns about the future availability of materials needed for a range of critical industries – alternative energy, communications, transportation and defense. The dominance prompts a search for new deposits of rare-earth materials and alternative technology that could avoid acute dependence.

Once a Winner, China Sees Globalization’s Downside – Part II

A poster child of successful globalization, China has recently taken some knocks from the process. This YaleGlobal series explores how China’s global connections brought prosperity but some unpleasant surprises as well. By leveraging its economic might and organizing power of the state, China has successfully used institutions like the International Olympics Committee to rebrand itself as an advanced global power. But, as historian Jeffrey Wasserstrom explains in the last article of a two-part series, China has stumbled in its attempt due to an enduring authoritarian impulse.