2021 World Fellow Orr Hirschauge

Orr Hirschauge is a journalist and news executive. He currently works as Chief Digital Officer at Israel’s largest daily newspaper, Israel Hayom. He was the first Israeli to join The Wall Street Journal as a technology staff reporter and the first executive editor of CTech, a now well-established Israeli English-language technology news site. His work on the juxtaposition of surveillance technologies and regional geopolitics is cited in policy papers and best-selling books.

In 2016, Orr led an investigative project resulting in a series of reports on Israel’s use of predictive algorithms to stop terror attacks. He reported extensively on the growing footprint of China-based entities in Israeli tech and on Israeli export of surveillance technologies and spy services, both now subjects of intense policy debates and media coverage. Orr’s bylines appear in WSJ, NPR, Haaretz, and China’s Caixin, among other outlets.