Support, advocacy and resources with Matt Kudish and Corey Minor Smith

As we approach the holiday season and a time of thanksgiving, it’s important that we reflect on joys, express genuine gratitude and savor time together, even while acknowledging the realities of stress, reminders of losses or lost loved ones, and the mental health challenges that can also accompany this time of year. Executive Director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – NYC Metro, Matt Kudish, and transformational speaker, author and mental health advocate, Attorney Corey Minor Smith, join for a heartfelt and helpful conversation on mental health advocacy, support and resources. Throughout the conversation, we discuss gratefulness, the importance of looking after ourselves, and the realities of mild and severe mental health challenges of loved ones in our circles and in society. On a practical note, both guests also share information on resources offered through NAMI, the benefits of community support for addressing mental health challenges, the need for policy changes, the importance of reasonable housing accommodations for those living with severe mental illness, and the necessity of support and self-care for caregivers and family members. We even engage in a lively discussion about brain health and about holistic approaches to mental health and overall wellness. A wonderful, genuine, and uplifting episode!