Oxytocin, Social Behavior, Community, & Mental Health with Larry Young and Pat Churchland

After the past two years, many of us now have a deeper appreciation of the power and importance of social interactions, social relationships, and strong community. This week, renowned neuroscientist, Larry J. Young, and pioneering neurophilosopher, Pat Churchland, join for a fascinating discussion about the science of social behavior and social bonding. Through the conversation, they share helpful insights about our understanding of family and social bonds, as well as the impacts of these bonds on our relationships, how we tackle racism, and even our interactions with our pets! We’ll also discuss the science of altruism, the impacts of our “us” versus “them” culture, how changing social interactions are influencing our mental health, and ways we can move forward in stronger community for a healthier society. A dynamic, generative and informative conversation!!