Mental Health, the Military & Unseen Wounds of War, w/ Steven Elliott, Tony Williams & Barbara Rothbaum

As we continue to witness the unfolding of tragic events in the Ukraine, this week’s episode is timely in ways that we didn’t initially anticipate. For this conversation, I’m joined by author and former Army Ranger, Steven Eilliott, Veteran and CEO of Veterans Counseling Veterans, Tony Williams, and the Director of the Emory Healthcare Veterans Program, Dr. Barbara Rothbaum. In our dialogue, we navigate the nuances of military, veteran and civilian life, as well as the expectations of each and how these intersect with our mental health. We also talk through the necessities of building (or rebuilding) trust, breaking down barriers to care, being open to hope, shifting the culture, and implementing policy change. Join in, as our guests share valuable lessons, practical insights, and reasons for hope based on their unique and overlapping perspectives, expertise, and experiences.