Children, youth, empathy & thriving with Michele Borba

Imagine what the world would be like if we truly walked in empathy in our daily actions and interactions. Are there practical ways we can promote kindness and empathy in each other, in the upcoming generation, and in society in general? Dr. Michele Borba would answer this question with an enthusiastic “yes!” This week, renowned educational psychologist, character development expert, parenting expert, and author, Dr. Borba, joins to discuss these critical topics and others. In the midst of our performance-based, influencer emphasizing, and often self-focused culture, we’ll consider how we can navigate stressors, practice kindness and boost empathy. We also discuss the daily “ordinary things” that can make a huge impact in the lives of children and adults alike. Finally, we consider the importance of strong community in child development and in the development of effective coping strategies, in building resilience, and in thriving. A wonderful and generative discussion!