Introducing Time for the Soul

In anticipation of the Yale University Chaplaincy’s 95th anniversary in 2022 we thought that creating a podcast would be a terrific way to get a wide variety of voices out to present the depth and breadth of chaplaincy work. We have witnessed a true hunger for content that is reflective and calming. This podcast, called “Time for the Soul” aims to do just that amplifying these voices by introducing the listener to the loving hearts and minds of chaplains.

Throughout the Covid-19 global pandemic we have found ourselves treading water in a sea of grief, bearing loss of many kinds and facing a relentless streak of uncertainty that continues to test our souls every day. The invasion of Ukraine, intense broader global unrest and upset have presented deep challenges to our collective souls. And yet chaplains have been here through it all and are even managing to bring moments of joy and peace in the midst of so much darkness. For 95 years Yale chaplains along with other religious and spiritual professionals have been nurturing the souls of countless students, faculty and staff during times of celebration and of sorrow. This podcast is but a glimpse into this poignant, tender work.