Tobacco Regulatory Science, Health Equity, Mental Health and Public Engagement w/ Pebbles Fagan, Mitch Zeller & Kathy Crosby

This week, we welcome three guests at the forefront of tobacco regulatory control, tobacco-related health disparities, and public engagement and education. Dr. Pebbles Fagan (Univ. of Arkansas), Mitch Zeller (FDA), and Kathy Crosby (FDA) join to share about public health efforts as well as their efforts to impact individuals and society through their professional, volunteer, and personal engagements. In this conversation, we also talk honestly about science and public policy, the role of public engagement in public health efforts, and the successes and challenges of tobacco and cancer-related health disparities research. This is a wonderful conversation about the importance of elevating our joint humanity, especially in times where we’ve pivoted to address COVID and life balance-related challenges on work teams, food insecurity in our communities, and ongoing mental health challenges in society. Throughout the discussion, we also highlight aspects of resilience in these efforts, the importance of listening and learning from one another, and the many opportunities for growth as we continue to move into our “new normal.”