what you are now – a Story of Memories, Trauma, Resilience & Hope

In this special episode, I’m joined by playwright, Sam Chanse, and cast members of the new production, what you are now. The play chronicles the story of a Cambodian family living in the US as refugees. In this production, Chanse authentically weaves together complexities of trauma, resilience, assimilation, race relations, family and community relationships, career choice, and mental health. They play also features a neuroscientist lead character, studying fear memory while trying to navigate her mother’s traumatic memories, her research career, and her personal life. In our podcast conversation, we’ll reflect on the intersection of the cast members personal and professional experiences, and how these experiences influenced and informed their powerful performances. Together, we’ll also consider our ongoing journeys on several of the topics brought to life in the play. Join in for a rich, thoughtful, and moving conversation.