A conversation w/ Jeremy Lin & Esther Choo: Mental Health, Race, Culture & Wellness in AAPI communities

This week, pro-basketball star Jeremy Lin & ER doctor and healthcare equity advocate, Esther Choo join for a candid discussion about mental health, culture & wellness in Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. We’ll hear both guests describe their lives growing up in the US and their experiences navigating different cultural communities from childhood through adulthood. We’ll also talk through the realities of the last year, including Jeremy’s time living and working in China, and Dr. Choo’s experience as an ER doctor during the pandemic. Jeremy also shares transparently about mental health challenges and lessons learned, during his complicated COVID-related experience in China. Join us for an authentic and generative conversation, as we learn from each, as we discuss our societal progress, and as we consider opportunities for further growth.