Faith, Spirituality and Psychiatry with Charles Dike

Faith versus science. Spirituality and religion versus psychology and psychiatry. Are these topics truly incompatible or are they related and intertwined? Also, is it ethical for mental health practitioners to support or dismiss faith and religion in clinical settings? This week, Dr. Addy’s mentor, colleague and friend, Dr. Charles Dike, joins to discuss these topics and more. Dr. Dike shares insights from his perspective as a psychiatrist, educator, leader at the State and Federal levels, and as a person of faith who’s called to make a difference in people’s lives. In this conversation, we’ll weave through the layered tensions, misconceptions and opportunities of considering religious, psychological, and psychiatric approaches to mental health and mental illness. We’ll also hear fascinating findings about the practical and positive health outcomes of integrating religious activities with clinical care. Finally, we’ll hear from Dr. Dike’s personal experience and how his faith has guided his professional journey. A thought provoking and inspiring episode!