Thriving or Burnt Out in Service, Mentoring, Pastoring & Vocation – Part 2 w/ David Ireland

In part two of this two-part episode, we’re joined by pastor, author, leader and executive coach, Dr. David Ireland. We’ll hear his fascinating personal and vocational journey, from a career in engineering, to a shift into pastoral ministry, to ongoing roles in organizational leadership, social innovation and executive coaching. As the founding and senior pastor of a multi-site congregation of 10,000, with a staff of 100 and a leadership team of 500, Dr. Ireland will also share helpful leadership principles. He’s definitely one who’s accustomed to hard work. As he acknowledges, it can be easy for many of us to feel energized or overwhelmed (or both) in our responsibilities, obligations, and vocations. At times, it can seem impossible to pause or slow down. And yet, we know a non-stop pace is not sustainable, and can lead to burnout.

In this refreshing episode, we follow up on topics from our part-one episode with Dr. Chris Pfund, to identify some easy to miss signs of burnout. We also consider ways to create environments that value effectiveness and well-being, healthy work rhythms, and frequent times of respite. As we talk through practical ways to establish structures, space, and permission to care for ourselves, we also name the internal tensions that still arise. This is a great episode for anyone looking to apply practical principles in your daily life and in the organizations where you serve, lead, mentor, teach, and do so much more.

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