DoxyPEP with Dr. Amit Achhra

DoxyPEP with Dr. Amit Achhra

The Getting2U crew get the chance to meet with Dr. Amit Achhra, one of Connecticut’s top Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) specialist, and discussed the current trends of STIs in Connecticut and across the country, as well as dive into DoxyPEP and learn all there is to know about this newly approved approach to combat the spread of STIs.

The team’s Hot Topic discussion was on Emory University’s discovery using JAK inhibitors to bring us one step closer to discovering a cure for HIV. The link to their announcement is here.

Dr. Achhra made an awesome recommendation for providers who want extra support with their patients dealing with STIs to use the CDC’s resource. Providers will get matched to local experts who can provide guidance and even treat their patient, if needed!
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*Follow-Up*: Since the time of this recording, the CDC has published draft DoxyPEP guidelines and are looking for public comments. Click the link for more information: Public Comment Period for Doxy PEP Guidelines (

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