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Promoting Justice and Protecting the Environment in Asia

Kala Mulqueeny is an energy and environment lawyer at the Asian Development Bank in the Philippines. Among other things, she works on environmental courts, sustainable electricity and water regulation, and carbon capture and storage regulation, and is active on these issues all over Asia.

Islam in Indonesia

Arif Zamhari is an advisor and top activist for the largest Islamic organization in Indonesia. The organization – Nahdlatul Ulama – has 40 million members and runs 12,000 Islamic schools throughout Indonesia. Nadhlatul Ulama promotes moderate and progressive Islam, and Arif Zamhari himself advocates tolerance, dialogue, education, and engagement with civil society as a way to counter terrorism.

Battling HIV/AIDS in South Africa

Thembi Xulu is the clinical director for one of the largest HIV/AIDS treatment NGOs in South Africa. It’s called Right to Care, and it partners with the government, the private sector and other NGOs to improve access to safe, effective, and affordable treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS. It currently has about 170 service sites throughout the country and is actively treating some 105,000 patients.