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Can Democracy Flourish in the 21st Century? With Laura Alonso

Laura Alonso has an extensive and unique cross-sector career promoting democracy, transparency, and citizen participation. She has previously held positions as Head of the Anti-corruption Office in Argentina, twice elected member of the National Congress, and CEO of the domestic chapter of Transparency International. Because of her leadership in integrity and anti-corruption policies, Argentina reached its highest score in the Index of Transparency International in 2020. We discuss the global “democratic recession”, current challenges democracies are facing, unpack some of the root causes of this decline. We end on a positive note by discussing the immense opportunities for democracy to be reinvigorated through innovation, new technologies, and the enduring appeal of the idea of rule by the people.

Today’s episode of the Big Picture was produced by Wissal Zebda and Ryan McEvoy. It was made possible with the support of the Yale World Fellows program at the Jackson School of Global Affairs. Our theme music was composed by Ravi Krishnaswami at COPILOT Music. For updates on future episodes, you can follow me on Twitter (@abulavinia). Thank you so much for tuning in!