Monthly Archives: March 2022

Lingo Bingo!

The world of college admissions and financial aid is complicated enough to have its own extensive vocabulary. Hannah and Mark try to make learning this lingo a little more fun by turning it into a bingo game. Admissions officer Marty joins the podcast to square off against Hannah in a spirited competition to identify terms that admissions and financial aid officers aid use in their daily work.

8. What Can COPs Accomplish? A Field Trip to COP26 in Glasgow

COP26 Part II: What happened at COP26? Why is the Conference of the Parties process so important? And what are its limitations? The Pricing Nature team hears from Jonathan Elkind (Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy), Ineza Grace (Loss and Damage Youth Coalition), Patience Nabukalu (Fridays For Future Uganda), and Yale School of the Environment students Arunima Sircar, Anelise Zimmer, Ines Ayostina, and Luca Guadagno. Read more at

Children, youth, empathy & thriving with Michele Borba

Imagine what the world would be like if we truly walked in empathy in our daily actions and interactions. Are there practical ways we can promote kindness and empathy in each other, in the upcoming generation, and in society in general? Dr. Michele Borba would answer this question with an enthusiastic “yes!” This week, renowned educational psychologist, character development expert, parenting expert, and author, Dr. Borba, joins to discuss these critical topics and others. In the midst of our performance-based, influencer emphasizing, and often self-focused culture, we’ll consider how we can navigate stressors, practice kindness and boost empathy. We also discuss the daily “ordinary things” that can make a huge impact in the lives of children and adults alike. Finally, we consider the importance of strong community in child development and in the development of effective coping strategies, in building resilience, and in thriving. A wonderful and generative discussion!

Craft & Career: Matthew Claudel ’13, designer, founder Field States – Part 2

The Craft & Career series connects with professional creatives from the arts, entertainment, and media industries, to discuss the nuances of their craft, the reality of their careers, and how, in often surprising ways, these two concerns can work together.

We return to consider innovative career approaches with architect and civic designer, Matthew Claudel ’13.

When Lawyers Lie: The Future of Legal Ethics Rules After the 2020 Election

How should courts’ approaches to lawyer misconduct change following the flood of baseless lawsuits filed to undermine the valid results of the 2020 election? In this episode, we speak with both Professor Renee Knake Jefferson about her proposals for reforming standards of ethical conduct to apply both inside and outside the courtroom, and litigator David Fink of Fink Bressack about his experience winning the largest sanctions award to date against Donald Trump’s “Kraken” team of lawyers.

For more on this topic, take a look at Professor Jefferson’s Essay, Lawyer Lies and Political Speech, published in the Yale Law Journal Forum.

Mental Health, the Military & Unseen Wounds of War, w/ Steven Elliott, Tony Williams & Barbara Rothbaum

As we continue to witness the unfolding of tragic events in the Ukraine, this week’s episode is timely in ways that we didn’t initially anticipate. For this conversation, I’m joined by author and former Army Ranger, Steven Eilliott, Veteran and CEO of Veterans Counseling Veterans, Tony Williams, and the Director of the Emory Healthcare Veterans Program, Dr. Barbara Rothbaum. In our dialogue, we navigate the nuances of military, veteran and civilian life, as well as the expectations of each and how these intersect with our mental health. We also talk through the necessities of building (or rebuilding) trust, breaking down barriers to care, being open to hope, shifting the culture, and implementing policy change. Join in, as our guests share valuable lessons, practical insights, and reasons for hope based on their unique and overlapping perspectives, expertise, and experiences.